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Hello friends, welcome to my new article today. I am sharing in this article a new type of whatsapp group link about the Yadav cast . Many people who have yadav cast they are want to connect yadav organisation and intricate too many people to about the cast but they are not get this opportunity and they are try to search in browser to find this  type of platform that’s why we provide many active and authentic whatsapp group link in this article.

Yadav refers to a grouping of traditionally non-elite peasant – pastoral communities or cast in India that since the  19th and 20th centuries have claimed descent from the mythological king Yadu as a part of a movement of social and political resurgence. The famous yadav in india is Neera yadav leader in bharatiya janata party and the minister in government of jharkhand. Yogendra yadav, leader of Swaraj Abhiyan.

Active Yadav WhatsApp Group Links

So if you belong to this cast or interested to know more about this cast then you have to join this whatsapp group and this whatsapp group provides more productive content and information in this group. And all the Yadav whatsapp group link are provided given below scroll down the page and check it out –

  • जैविक🍉हर्बल खेती – Join
  • Vikrampur group – Join
  • REAL AIR DROP – Join
  • Railway GK Study – Join
  • Online earning through growbiz – Join
  • New Games live stream – Join
  • Make money 💸 – Join
  • Learn English – Join
  • Earning from Mobile – Join
  • Croups information🍅 – Join
  • Bidhan Sabha group – Join
  • Agriculture department – Join
  • Agriculture & GK👨🏻‍🎓 – Join
  • Agricultural – Join

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Yadav WhatsApp Group Links Benefits

There are too many benefits to joining Yadav whatsapp group and you realise when you join this group–

  • You know more about the Yadav community  and their lifestyle, rituals, festivals etc.
  • Here you know more about  yadav community news , updates and many other political news.
  • In this group you make many friends and interact with them.
  • You can share your thoughts about the yadav community and discuss the yadav community with other members in this group.
  • You can ask for help from your group members in any situation. 

Yadav WhatsApp Group rules

 This group  have some rules before  joining–

  • Don’t promote any advertisement or any personal link in the group.
  • You don’t share irrelevant topics and useless messages.
  • Be kind to all and help others in this group
  • Be active in this Group and stay connected.
  • And don’t make group calls without permission and don’t talk about any religious topic.
  • Respect all the group members and group admin and don’t argue .

How to join Yadav WhatsApp Group

Here some step have  to join these whatsapp group that are provide given below step by step–

  • First, choose  that you want to join in these given links.
  • Then click this above link and this page redirects you to the official whatsapp application.
  • After that you saw a join button link in whatsapp.
  • Click this join button then you successfully join this whatsapp group.
  •  Then you can view this group and group members and content that is provided in this group.


In this article we provide more news and updates about the Yadav community and provide many whatsapp group links and if you need to know about yadav community then you have to save this page and stay connected with us. And if you have any whatsapp group about yadav community and you may spread your whatsapp group about many people who belong to yadav community then give it to the whatsapp group link in the feedback section. We will soon attach this link in this article . Thank you and share this page.

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