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Metro is one of the best usable  transport systems in india. Every day lots of people travel in the metro for their work, school ,collage etc. So many people search in the browser many Metro whatsapp groups in your locality metro to know about the time , facilities , and cost. So today we provide many Metro whatsapp group links in this article so if you visit here and you need an active and productive Metro whatsapp group then you are the right place.

Rapid transit or mass rapid transit also known as heavy rail or metro is a type of high capacity public transport that is generally built in urban areas.Kolkata metro record of being India’s first metro service .It was introduced in the year 1984. It started from Esplanade to Bhawanipur. The Kolkata metro is India’s first underground rail system, similar to the London tube system. 

Active Metro WhatsApp Group Links

So if you are a working person or daily travailler in the metro then you should join this whatsapp group. Here various type metro whatsapp groups can join your locality metro whatsapp group. And the joining process are given below check out, and stick with this article until the end –

  • TT Jobs – Join
  • Share Facts – Join
  • My Route – Join
  • Mission Metro – Join
  • Metro Station – Join
  • Metro Couples – Join
  • Local Train – Join
  • Fast Mode – Join
  • Change Station – Join
  • Career Advice – Join

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Metro WhatsApp Group Links Benefits

You have lots of group link in browser but we provide originally and genuine and active whatsapp group link and if you joined this group then you have lots of benefits and this benefits are given below –

  • This metro whatsapp group provides you the timing , and facilities, and the fare cost of the metro.
  • Here you learn about the metro system world wide , and history of the metro or future development process.
  • Here you get many friends who travel daily in the metro and you join these people for travelling and enjoy your daily travelling journey.
  • Stay updated with the latest update and news about the metro or know any event in the metro.
  • Here you share your metro travel experience and interact with many people in this group who also travel in the metro.

Metro WhatsApp Group rules

Before joining this group you need to know this group  have some rules and this rules provided given below and follow this rules strictly –

  • Be kind to all and help others if he has any quarry and try to solve problems.
  • And don’t make group calls without permission and don’t talk about any religious topic.
  • You don’t share irrelevant topics.
  • Be active in this Group and don’t provide any vulgar things..
  • Disrespective behaviour is not allowed in this group.
  • Don’t promote any advertisement or any personal link in the group.
  • Don’t argue in this group with the group members.
  • If you have any problems then contact the group admin.

How to join Metro WhatsApp Group

Joining process are given below step by step and you must follow this –

  • First download the whatsapp official application in the playstore. 
  • Then visit this page and click the link above.
  • Then this page redirects to the whatsapp application and shows the join button .
  • Click this join button and successfully join the whatsapp group.
  • Then you view this group and enjoy this.


In this article we provide many metro whatsapp group links and we hope that links are beneficial for you. In this group you know more about your local metro and it will help you. If you join this group and like this group then you must bookmark this page and share this page of your friends . and give your valuable comment in the given comment box below.

And stay connected with us for more updates in future. Thank you  visit again.

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