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MCA is a master of computer applications.It is a postgraduate course that trains students in various fields of computer science. There are many courses which come under MCA like computer software architecture, web developing and many other courses. The top MCA Colleges are in Karnataka.

 If you want to take admission in MCA College and for this you’re searching for the best MCA college in India then you should join MCA WhatsApp group in which you will get more information about top MCA colleges in India. Through this article we will provide you the links and instructions by following which you can join the MCA WhatsApp group.

Active MCA WhatsApp Group Links

  • C++ Language – Join
  • Compiler Design – Join
  • CSE | atnyla – Join
  • CSE only for girls – Join
  • Daily CG Job Update 1 – Join
  • Digital Arts classes – Join
  • GD 🖥️ BoYs 💡 – Join
  • IGNOU All Session – Join
  • IGNOU solved assignment – Join
  • Java Programming 2 – Join
  • jop placement for online – Join
  • Learn PHP Programming – Join 
  • Mallikarjun Computers – Join 
  • Programing guru – Join

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How To Join MCA WhatsApp Group?

You can join MCA WhatsApp group by following the instructions which are given below:-

  • First of all, download the WhatsApp application on your phone from Google Play Store.
  • Now create an account on WhatsApp with your existing phone number.
  • After creating an account on WhatsApp you have to click on the link provided by us on above of this article.
  • Just after clicking on the link provided by us you will be automatically redirected to the WhatsApp application from there you can join MCA WhatsApp group.

Guidelines For Joining MCA WhatsApp Group 

You have to follow the following guidelines for joining MCA WhatsApp group:-

  • This is an educational WhatsApp group so you are not allowed to say anything which is not relevant to the students and for the group members.
  • In this WhatsApp group you are not allowed to use any abusive language and bad words.
  • You are not allowed to misbehave with any member of the group and you are not allowed to share the privacy of any member of the group.

Benefits Of Joining MCA WhatsApp Group

There are many many feets of joining MCA WhatsApp group which you can enjoy by joining this WhatsApp group:-

  • By joining this WhatsApp group you can get information about top MCA colleges in India .
  • By joining this WhatsApp group you can know more about MCA courses.


Through this article we have discussed how you can join the MCA WhatsApp group by following the links and instructions provided by us. I hope this article will be beneficial for you all and you have liked it. If you have liked it then please share this with your friends and colleagues.

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