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Hello Friends, If you are from India and looking for Indian WhatsApp Group Links then you have come to the right place. In this article we will provide so many Indian WhatsApp Group Links that will help you in your daily life.

India is a country in the Asian subcontinent, its capital is New Delhi. The national language of the Country is Hindi and it is one of the most popular countries in the world. The population of India is approx 150 cr and it ranks highest in the world.

India is famous for its tourism also, people from all over the world like to visit India every year. Famous Taj Mahal which came under seven wonders is also located in Agra, India. India is known for its diversity, rich culture and local foods.

Active Indian WhatsApp Group Links

  • Online Shopping Girls – Join
  • GK Increase Your Knowledge – Join
  • Diamond jewelry exporter Surat India – Join
  • Best Amazon Offers – Join
  • Kurlush Osman Season 5️⃣ – Join
  • official Group Community – Join
  • Online Services free – Join
  • Pi and avive executive 🥳🙏 – Join
  • Pi: Revolution 2024 – Join
  • – Join
  • Testy point – Join
  • શ્રી ચામુંડા માં રિયલ એસ્ટેટ – Join
  • 💥My thoughts🚶‍♂️💫 – Join

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Indian WhatsApp Group Benefits

Talking about the benefits you will get so many benefits from the Indian WhatsApp Groups in every way. Here are some benefits you will get is given below – 

  • You will be a part of Indian Community
  • You can make new friends
  • You can ask for any help
  • You will stay updated about India always
  • You can join events organized by the group members
  • You will know about India in different ways
  • If you don’t know Hindi, you can learn to speak in Hindi
  • If you are a cricket lover then able to join cricket groups
  • You can join the News Channels WhatsApp groups

Indian WhatsApp Group Rules

Like all other groups Indian WhatsApp Group Rules has also some rules and regulations which you need to follow. In order to stay in the group you must follow the below rules otherwise admin can remove you from the group. The groups rules are given below go check

  • If you are Indian citizen then only join
  • You should have knowledge about Hindi language
  • Respect the group members
  • Do not share any political news and updates
  • Do not use the group for marketing purpose
  • You needs to be stay active in the group
  • No Good Morning/ Night messages are allowed
  • Do not do any financial transaction with the other group members

How to join Indian WhatsApp Groups

In order to join Indian WhatsApp Groups you will need to go through some steps, the steps are very easy anyone can apply. Follow the steps one by one 

  • At first choose any Indian WhatsApp group from the above list
  • Now click on the ‘Join’ link, that can be seen beside the group name
  • After that you will be automatically redirected to your WhatsApp application
  • At last Open your WhatsApp application and click on join button

I hope you follow the above steps properly and should have joined any of the above WhatsApp groups.


This is the conclusion part of the article. I hope this article will help you a lot as an Indian citizen. All groups that we provided in this article are based in India and run by Indian people. The groups are created to help the Indian citizens and connect them through online. All the groups links are genuine and working, still if you are facing any problem then do write in the comment section.

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